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treatment of adults


Orthodontic treatments are possible at any age.

More and more adults are finding their way to my practice, mostly with the desire for a beautiful smile.

Many adults are bothered by the fact that they neglected to correct misalignments such as crowding, twisted teeth, gaps, protruding front teeth, etc. in their childhood.

Orthodontic pre-treatment is sometimes desirable before new dentures are installed, for example to move or straighten abutment teeth or neighboring gaps so that they can then be loaded in the correct axis or so that implants can be accommodated between tilted teeth.

However, there may also be jaw joint problems or specific questions from doctors, naturopaths or therapists for interdisciplinary clarification.

When treating adult patients, we attach great importance to aesthetic design and high wearing comfort, so that everyday life or professional life is not impaired.

Modern orthodontic appliances can be delicately designed, transparent or tooth-colored, or they can be attached and worn invisibly “from the inside”.


S.a. Clear aligners

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