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A brace fits in every mouth

For more than 10 years I have been treating children and adults with braces and splints in the center of Sprockhövel with my competent, friendly team.  

Through regular professional training, we are always up to date with this to our patients
to pass on.
Depending on the indication, our patients have access to the most modern methods of conventional and innovative removable and fixed devices.

Which type of treatment is suitable for straightening your teeth or those of your child can only be determined after a thorough examination. For this we need an impression of the upper and lower jaw, two X-rays (OPG and FRS) and photos of the teeth and face. Sometimes an X-ray of the hand is also taken. In a detailed planning discussion, we will then explain to you which type of treatment and braces   are recommended or what alternatives there are. The costs for the initial consultation for children and adults are usually covered by health insurance. You don't need a transfer either.   We explain the costs and how they can be covered by statutory or private health insurance, supplementary insurance or assistance. We are happy to take the time to answer your questions!

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