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Pine-  joint discomfort

(holistic) splint treatment or Bionator treatment

for jaw joint problems


A proper load on each individual tooth
distributes the chewing pressure evenly over the jaws
and the jaw joints.
Tooth loss, tooth and jaw misalignments
can lead to blockages, incorrect loads or
lead to overloading of the temporomandibular joints. This
can be caused by jaw popping, rubbing, or pain
stand out. The surrounding muscles can be painful
be tense.
Tooth or jaw misalignments have an effect
but also to more distant areas of the
postural apparatus and can trigger blockages there.
Vertebral shifts can have their cause here.
These may express themselves as neck pain,
Back pain, swallowing pain, but also in shape
hormone imbalances, tinnitus or migraines.
Appropriately manufactured bite aids (splint,
Bionator) can compensate for these incorrect loads,
the muscles can relax, the trigger
factor for the discomfort is interrupted.
Holistic orthodontics can
through collaboration with general practitioners,
Naturopaths, therapists and last but not least
Dentists also in areas to improve quality of life
help that at first glance nothing
to do with teeth.

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