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Self-ligating brackets

We have also added self-ligating brackets to our range, which, not least because of their size, are much more comfortable to wear.


They are smaller, flatter and, thanks to a special treatment with rhodium, also lighter than other metal brackets.


This makes them even less noticeable!


Super elastic arches

In addition to steel wires, very flexible, thermoelastic wires are now available for regulation bends. Changes in the position of the teeth are thus effected with very weak, gentle forces.

Braces Smile


The smooth surface sealing around the bracket 
around is as additional protection of the tooth 
during the fixed treatment phase 
We recommend. It takes place when inserting 
the fixed braces. The protective varnish is 
transparent and applied to the outer surfaces of the teeth, 
which are more difficult to clean due to the bracket, 
applied. Nevertheless: the daily multiple, 
careful dental care is absolutely necessary!

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