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Removable devices

Removable devices consist of plastic plates, holding elements and active (displacing/changing) elements. If necessary, screws are incorporated. They can act in one jaw, or they can also influence the interaction of the upper and lower jaw.

Removable appliances are manufactured individually, they move individual teeth and can change the space available, e.g. B. widening a narrow jaw, but also bringing together gaping, protruding front teeth.

Image by Quang Tri NGUYEN

Fixed appliances

So-called multi-bracket appliances consist of brackets and bands that are attached to the teeth and arches along which the teeth are moved. Unlike removable appliances, they can move teeth in any plane of space. It is e.g. It is possible, for example, to lengthen or shorten teeth, to move them in parallel or to move them around a pivot point in the tooth root. This is sometimes necessary to straighten a tooth axis so that the tooth is optimally loaded later when chewing.

A fixed clamp works 24 hours a day - regardless of the patient's cooperation. It does not affect speech because the oral cavity is not restricted.

There are different types of brackets: conventional metal brackets, tooth-colored brackets, brackets that are tied to the archwire or brackets that grip the archwire itself = self-ligating brackets.

Tooth-colored brackets are less conspicuous and therefore more aesthetically pleasing than metal brackets. Otherwise, they do not have any improved properties.

Self-ligating brackets have the decisive temporal and physiological advantage of greatly reduced friction, i.e. friction (= low-friction brackets) on the archwire.
And there are different shapes of arches, in round and angular cross-sections. Different alloys cause different elasticities and significant differences in power transmission.
It is easy to understand that a highly elastic archwire transmits its effect more dosed and more pleasantly than a rigid archwire.

snoring splints

Removable devices consist of plastic plates, holding elements and active (displacing/changing) elements

Image by Jackman Chiu
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