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Care and handling instructions for removable devices

Care instructions

Of course, with so many bumps that come with fixed braces in the mouth, plaque sticks much faster than on the smooth enamel surface of natural teeth. Therefore, regular dental care is essential.
This is explained and practiced as soon as the fixed clamp is inserted. In addition to the normal toothbrush, the teeth should be cleaned with a single-tufted toothbrush or an interdental brush.

In case of defects/pressure points....

gap forms:
Don't worry, this is an intermediate stage and will change again soon.

Exception / anterior gaps Wilson appliance: 

The reason for this is insufficient wearing of the rubber! Please call us.

Bracket loose:
If the bracket is still on the archwire and it doesn't bother you, you can leave it on until the SOS appointment. If brackets or bands become completely detached from the archwire, please make an appointment as soon as possible and bring the bracket or band with you.

Bow end slipped out:
Try to grasp the end of the arc with a pair of tweezers and gently push it back into the tube without using force. Mother or father should help with this. If that doesn't work, take the wax we gave you or some sugar-free chewing gum and cover the arch with it.

Wearing instructions

It is important to note that sticky food should be avoided during the entire wearing period. This includes chewing gum, wine gum, toffee, caramel, etc. You should also avoid biting off rolls or apples and eating very hard food. So you don't necessarily have to crack nuts. Of course you can eat a chopped apple.

Rubber ligature/ rubber chain/ separating rubber lost:

Please call us. Urgent intervention is usually not necessary.


Chafing spots/ wires:
Cover with the wax we provide or a sugar-free chewing gum. This may have to be repeated several times a day. It helps to dab the area dry beforehand.

Hook for hanging the rubber bands lost:
Please call us. Immediate intervention is usually not necessary.
A feeling of pressure after inserting the fixed braces or after changing the archwire is not always completely avoidable. It helps to take a sip of warm water in your mouth and let it run around your teeth for as long as possible. Avoid hard foods during this time so as not to further increase the pressure on your teeth.

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